The world is sound and sound is vibration. What does that mean? Matter is not really solid. In the macrocosm of all things we recognize that there are gaps. Also in the microcosm there are these gaps in which the atoms oscillate. For example, let's take the human. More than 99% of the human being consists of these spaces. Yes, you've read that correctly! More than 99% of the human being consists of space. Less than 1% is actually matter, and of that, 75% is water. Imagine the universe. Infinite number of stars and in between .... space. There is also a similar relationship in us when we imagine the atoms as planets. "If we look at matter, it does not exist as an actual, solid form. It consists of an atomic nucleus and electrons. There is a huge space between these two", as Dr. Ulrich Warnke says.
So nothing is really fixed. Less than 1% is actual matter, the form. Each form has its own structure its own frequency and vibration. All animals, humans, plants, minerals etc. have their own structure. From the coarsest to the finest, everything vibrates. Each form has its own vibration. One thing is the same in all matter. It is always a harmonic vibration. There are countless vibrations and only a small part (1:1000000) of the vibration is harmonic (musically meaningful vibration). Harmonic vibration is sound. Why does nature, the intelligence, the source, the alone, God, call it what you will, choose only harmonic vibration for the creation of matter. Nobody knows!
But it is like that. And that brings us to the consideration of sound. Sound is harmonic vibration.
Let's hold on:
All matter is harmonic vibration, it is sound. Consequently, the world we perceive is sound. From the subatomic particle to the entire cosmos, everything is sound. Everything sounds. Nothing is really solid and rigid. Good news for all of us. Consequently, if nothing is really fixed or rigid, then everything is changeable. Wonderful, everything is changeable and changing. From the very rough to the very fine. The entire universe. From the largest to the smallest particle. So nothing is fixed. Everything can change and changes. You too. Every feeling, every behavior, every pattern, every situation. Everything is changeable. On every level. Be it mental, emotional or physical. Everything is changeable and changing. Any change in mind, body or spirit leads to a different vibration. To a different sound. Every illness, every pattern that hinders us, is a disharmonic vibration in the body. Sound, as a harmonic vibration, can make these disharmonic vibrations conscious and even transform them. We are sound and that means we have a basic, natural understanding of sound. This is the reason why sound is so universal and works. Why we all react to sound and why sound can do so much. On all levels. The sound is not only audible, you can also feel and sense sound. Because everything vibrates, we resonate with sounds. It's a form of information exchange. This exchange of information can be transformative. Relaxation and regeneration are the elementary experiences of a sound treatment. The areas of application are diverse and depend on your individual needs.
Fields of action of sound: 
Sound opens up spaces of experience in which transformation can be initiated. 
Sound harmonizes spirit, body and soul 
Sound is felt and spaces are heard. 
Sound affects our cell level and harmonizes every cell. 
Sound strengthens our aura, our electromagnetic field, releases blockages and tension. 
Sound synchronizes both halves of the brain, trains and sensitizes our senses, activates our self-healing powers and promotes your happiness for life. Inner harmony and well-being sets in. 
Sound raises the vibration of a diseased organ and dissolves emotional and energetic blockages.  
Sound has an effect on our subtle area on the entire energy field and our heart center opens. 
Sound stimulate our body. The sound has a mind-expanding effect. Regular sound treatments have a preventive effect and maintain health. 
And much more........ 

I hope I was able to give you a better understanding of the sound and how it works with my explanations. I know from my own experience that there is one thing we need to experience on all levels. Mentally, in soul and physically. You've read a lot, now you still have to expierence it  on a physical level and expirence it on a mental level. Only when something has been admitted at all levels  we really know. 

The sounds can supplement and support other therapies at any time. However, they do not replace a visit to the doctor or naturopath.