About us

We met us in 2009 during a meditation retreat. We both gave service there to support beginners. It took 7 years before we met again and became a couple. During these 7 years, we both independently had deep transformational experiences with meditation. Meditation is and always has been a link in our love. At the same time, each of us went our own way. Vanessa went the way of Ayurveda and Roberto the way of sound and vibration. We have enjoyed training in sound therapy, Ayurvedic medicine and the art of Ayurvedic massage. It wasn't long before we recognized the trinity of meditation, Ayurveda and sound and are now passing it on to others in this form of service.

Vanessa Rose

My father's death made me realize the words "never again" and five days later I found myself walking the Camino towards Santiago - over 900km ahead of me - looking for something I didn't know. What I found was an incredible trust and love in life, in myself and in nature. That I am protected at all times and can trust my life path - because I am never alone. This path led me to Vipassana meditation, which melted all resistance in me and brought me to areas of consciousness that I had not known before. I experienced harmony, equanimity and happiness. 

Due to food intolerances, I had to deal with the topic of nutrition as a child and followed many misleading paths until I learned about Ayurveda - the art of living. I understood that these intolerances were signs of my body and that it was about getting back into balance. To live in harmony with me, my constitution and the rhythms of nature. Full of curiosity and joy, I started training in Ayurvedic medicine, became a nutritional and health consultant in this field and am currently concentrating mainly on Ayurvedic massage, which allows me to share the warmth and love that is within me and to let flow. 
Through Ayurveda I have found a way to follow my own rhythm in connection with life and nature and I am happy about every companion.

Roberto Valentini

In my life I experienced a key experience in which I was deprived of any identification with the person and was given the grace to immerse myself in a deep human beeing. 
After that, my path led me to Vipassana Meditation. I practiced this meditation very intensively for years and I was able to have deep, transforming meditation experiences. My kundalini was awakened and I went through the whole kundalini process. Meditation and living from the heart was my key of activating them. 
Later I became a student of a Kriya Yogi and learned and practiced Kriya Meditation. 
The Course in Miracles made me at peace with Jesus and revealed more deep experiences of awareness. 
As a musician I immersed myself in the world of sound and mantras. At first withdrawn, for me alone, meditating and making music. But life wanted it differently and led me out of my seclusion. For a few years I accompanied retreats and satsangs with music and gave meditation courses. This in turn led me to my sound master, who trained me and with whom I was able to discover my calling. 
Following an inner intelligence, combined with a great longing for freedom, was and is a guiding principle in my life. All accompanying aids, such as techniques, teachers, encounters found themselves. 
Say yes to the gifts life has in store.