What we do


In Ayurveda, I see it as my task to find out and harmonize the imbalance of the doshas in a person's body, mind and soul. A preliminary talk, an anamnesis enables me to get to know the person with their way of life, patterns and symptoms. With the millennia-old knowledge of Ayurveda we can reconnect with the rhythms of nature. By making small changes in diet, sleep patterns and exercise, we can experience and maintain large changes in our health over the long term.

In addition, I give Ayurveda massages with warm, traditional, medicinal oils. 
I give partial body massages for the head, face, neck, back, legs and feet, combinations there of or the Abhyanga/full body massage or Marma point massage. 
Humans have 108 marma points, which I relax and energize with the massage. The Katibasti (for muscular tension) and the shirodhara/head shower are further relaxing, warming treatments.


The sound and vibration work causes a deep, gentle massage down to the smallest cell of the body. The special arrangement and frequencies of the sound instruments create a sound symphony that gently leads you into deep relaxation. The human body consists of 75% water. As the waves spread in the water, the vibrations of the sound instruments continue in the body. 
All cells begin to vibrate in harmony and are energized. Self-healing powers can be activated through the experience of deep relaxation. 
Body, psyche and soul can be brought back into harmony and blockages can be released on all levels. 
Immerse yourself in the sound, feel how the vibrations penetrate your body gently yet intensely and set every cell in a harmonious higher vibration. Let the sound lead you into a deep relaxation where the person disappears and humanity begins. Pure Consciousness – I am 

Monochord, Tampura, Harmonic Bed, Koto, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chinese Gongs, Shrime, Crystel Singing Pyramids, Cymbal and Tibetan Bell are used.


Meditation course

Interested in learning meditation? Cultivate compassion and loving kindness in your life? Changing the way you look at life? Free yourself from judgments of any kind, to be free to see things as they really are. To experience harmony, joy and real inner peace? Meditation can help you with that! 

In the meditation course you will experience and learn 3 techniques of meditating. These 3 techniques are independent and yet build on each other. All three techniques are used during a meditation. Each technique is experienced and learned step by step.

Anapana (contemplation of the breath) 
Vipassana (contemplation of bodily sensations) 
Metta Meditation (Benevolent Compassionate Meditation) 

When the mind becomes still, an objective view of things becomes possible. All phenomena in body, mind and soul can be viewed and experienced without judgement. An acceptance of love towards yourself and what is occurring is transformative. Patterns, habits, blockages and conditioning can be recognized, solved and redeemed. Step by step, this leads to inner liberation, peace and ultimately to more love. Step by step I will introduce you to the meditation technique so that you can practice it independently and grow in it. 
Be your own master!

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Trinity of Light Retreats

Sound - Ayurveda - Meditation

In our retreats, Ayurveda, meditation and sound merge to lead you to yourself on all levels. We offer two different formats. The 10-day retreat for beginners and a weekend retreat for advanced students.

10 days retreat
This intensive retreat lasts 10 days and is aimed at people who want to learn meditation and advanced people who want to deepen their meditation technique. Noble silence is maintained during the retreat. You will learn 3 important tools that can enable you to find your own center. Finding the place where polarity disappears and you experience yourself from a third position.
When you free yourself from patterns, habits and conditioning, you can experience reality as it is and not as it ought be or how you would like it to be. You can be at peace and experience love for all things and beings.

Auyurveda and sound work support meditation through applications. Each tool on its own can lead you to insights into self-awareness and show you the true nature of your being. In combination, they are very intense and effective. You will take home many experiences and a form of meditation in which you can always develop.

Be your own master

Weekend retreat

This retreat is exclusively for meditators who have already attended a 10 day retreat. In this retreat, the individual steps of the technique are no longer explained. We meditate together to strengthen daily practice and deepen meditation. Progress in meditation, meditation experiences, but also possible difficulties in practice can be discussed. This exchange can take place in a group, but also in private one-on-one meetings. Sound and Ayurveda applications are more important at this time. With this retreat we connect more to everyday life. Noble silence is kept only during meditation. Outside of the group meditations, an exchange with each other is possible.

Be your own master