Sound and Vibration Work

Next meetings:


20/04/2024 7 p.m. sound meditation "I am", a journey into ourselves

A sound journey into ourselves, with a short preparation. In deep relaxation, many experiences can be experienced on a spiritual, mental or physical level. Blockages become conscious and can be released. I am!
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
Cost: 25 euros
Confirmed pre-registrations have a guaranteed place 

March 02, 2024 / 6 p.m. Cocoa ceremony followed by a sound journey in the baroque Castle Delitzsch near Leibzig.

A special sound event in a special place. The event lasts 3 hours. After a cocoa ceremony, you will bathe in the sounds of planetary gongs, tam tam, feng, chime, singing bowls, kotamo, voice and many other instruments. An eventful journey to you.

06/18/23 10 a.m. Yoga and sound

Yoga: Mira Wilkendorf / Sound: Roberto Valentini
1. Meditation an Chanting.
3 Shavasana with sound.

Only 12 places
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
Cost: 30 euros

Nov./2023 7 p.m. Sound meditation "Gaia", for the benefit of our planet and all living beings

A guided sound meditation in five steps. It is a very gentle, loving sound meditation.
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Costs: Minimum contribution 15 euros
Confirmed pre-registrations have a guaranteed place


Individual session 9 singing bowls 90 minutes      80€                                         
Individual session 13 singing bowls 120minutes    90€                                                                             

Couple session                                                                140€ 

Gong session single                                                        70€ 

Family and group sound (also colleges)                  price by arrangement
End-of-life care                                                              price by arrangement

Room cleaning with sound and incense                                              100€
I will give a discount by arrangement 


Sound Medittaion "Gaia"                           minimum contribution 15€

Sound Meditation "I am"                                                 per Person 25€

 Gong Puja                                                                           per person 30€

Sunset sound                                                                      per person 30€ 20


Partial body massage:
Shiroabhyanga / head, face massage 60 minutes                                 80€
Prishtabhyanga / Back Massage - 60 minutes                                        80€
Padabhyanga / Foot, Leg Massage - 45 minutes                                    60€
Abhyanga - full body massage - 90 minutes                                           110€
Marma Point Massage - 90 minutes                                                         110€
Shirodhara (head oil pour, including Abhyanga) - 120 minutes        140€
Kati Vasti (local oil application e.g. on the back)                                    60€
Health, nutritional advice - about 60 minutes                                        80€


Next course from 1.09.23 - 20.10.23 always on Fridays
Closing day 5.011 or 19.11
Duration of the course: 8 weeks 1 x a week + final day
Price: 400 euros/ 350 euros for early bookers
Registration under: Contact

Trinity of Light Retreats  

Meditation - Ayurveda - Klang

10 Day Retreat

Oster - Retreat  02. 04. - 11.04. 2023
Seminarhäuser unteres Odertal 
16248 Lunow-Stolzenhagen
Price:                                                   1750 Euro
Early bird price (till 31.12.2022)     1600 Euro

The price includes:
9 nights / 3 daily Ayurvedic meals / sound and Ayurveda treatments and meditation instructions
Registration under: Contact or

In our retreats, Ayurveda, meditation and sound merge to lead you to yourself on all levels. This intense retreat lasts 10 days of noble silence. You will learn 3 important tools that can enable you to find your own center. Finding the place where polarity disappears and you experience yourself from a third position. When you free yourself from patterns, habits and conditioning, you can experience reality as it is and not as it should be or how you would like it to be. You can be at peace and experience love for all things and beings.
Auyurveda and sound support meditation through applications. Each area on its own can lead you to insights into self-awareness and show you the true nature of your being. In combination, they are very intense and effective. You will take home many experiences and a form of meditation in which you can always develop.
Be your own master

Weekend Retreat

Currently in planning! All meditators who have completed a 10-day retreat will be informed by us and can register if they are interested.