The sound heard around the world. World Sound Healing Day was declared 22 years ago by Jonathan Goldmann. Thousands of people around the world answer this call every year. Every February 14th, people around the world join with their intended sound to deliver a sonic valentine full of love and appreciation to Gaia, our Mother Earth. Any sound created with the energy of love and compassion represents a wonderful resonance for World Sound Healing Day. This healing sound can be any vocal sound - Ah, Hum, Om etc. - any tone - crystal bowl, Tibetan bell, Didgeridoo etc - any instrument - piano, violin, drum etc - or any kind of performance or sound presentation whatever you want to do.
If you create an event you can link it on the World Sound Healing Day page and become visible to the world. Let us sound together from the heart to heal the earth and send love and compassion into the world. May awareness arise for the flourishing of everyone and everything.  Use the link behind to find out more about World Sound Healing Day. You can create  your own event at the following link. Become part of World Sound Healing Day.