Trinity of Light

Ayurveda - Meditation -Sound


For me, meditation means being with myself. It's a state of consciousness. A life in here and now. To be able to direct my attention independently. Be aware of what is. 
A meditation technique will help you to be consciously here. As you practice the meditation technique, you train yourself to experience reality as it is and not as it ought be or as you like it to be. This brings you to true inner peace. What is trained and experienced in the practice of the meditation technique will later appear in everyday life. You don't have to worry about that at all. The habit of always being somewhere else begins to dissolve. Being constantly in thought with the attention or distracting oneself with entertainment of any kind is being replaced more and more by a conscious being here. You begin to be aware.

Sound and Vibration

"The eye brings the human being into the world. The ear brings the world into the human being" by Lorenz Oken.
When you see, as when you think, you are not with yourself. You are with the object. While listening, like while feeling, you are with yourself. You experience things in a connecting way. If we were to adopt a more listening,  listen in attitude towards ourselves, our fellow human beings, nature and the universe, much would move in the direction of harmony, peace, cooperation and awareness. From I to We to Love. Experience how the sound leads you to yourself. Experience that you not only hear sound, you also can feel it. I will take my time to introduce you slowly to the sound.

Rumi: "Listen with the ears of the soul"
Luther: "The kingdom of Christ is in hearing alone"
Gautama: "Where there is hearing, there is only hearing"
Upanishads: "The ear is the way"
Madeleine de Scudery: "The ear is the way to the heart"

Ayurveda Massage

Traditional Ayurvedic medicated oils are warmed and massaged into the tissues of the body. Warming oils for the body, cooling oils for the head and face area. Based on sesame oil. Depending on the dosha, I use different oils, such as Dhanwantaram oil, Balaashwagandhadi oil, Kshirabala oil, Brahmi oil (as an example for the head). Through the massage we are grounded again in today's fast-paced world, we get in touch with our body/soul/spirit, tensions can be released and we feel one again. Depending on the dosha, abhyanga (vata), marma point massage (pitta) or a massage with chickpea flour and less oil (kapha) can help. With external Vastis made from chickpea flour, tension can be specifically relieved.

Ayurveda Ernährungs-, Gesundheitsberatung

Through an anamnesis, I look at the constitution of the person, which doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) are imbalanced and how they can be brought back into balance through changes in diet, lifestyle, daily and seasonal rhythms. Ayurvedic nutrition (light, regular, easily digestible) is all about strengthening the inner fire/agni over the long term. 
It's often the small changes in one's own pattern that have a big impact. How can we adapt to the rhythms of nature (nutrition, exercise, sleep) and achieve more contentment and rest.
 Ayurveda helps us with this.